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Governor and Safety Test (Traction Elevators)

In addition to the routine inspections required as a result of A17.1 the governor and safeties are required to be set without load a minimum of annually by hand while operating in the down direction at the slowest operating speed to assure the systems functionality. At the same time the governor should be set manually to assure that all parts are operating freely.

Additionally once every (5) Five years the safeties and governor are required to be set at full load full speed in all cases which the car shall come to a complete rest within the required range of stopping distance. At the same time the governor should be properly tested to assure for all proper calibrations.

Evidence of all testing shall be by metal tags securely fastened to each component. All testing shall be witnessed by a person qualified to do so as required by the local governing authorities.

Brake Test (Traction Elevators)

In addition to the routine inspections required as a result of A17.1 once every (5) Five years all elevators permitted to carry passengers shall be tested with 125% of the rated load to assure the elevators ability to operate properly under normal means into the lowest landing, stop and hold said overload. The elevator shall also be checked for its ability to hold this load with the main line electrical disconnect in the open position.

Emergency Power

Where provided shall be tested annually without load to assure the elevators proper conformance with code. Additionally the system shall be tested, at minimum, once every (5) Five years with 125% of the elevators capacity to assure the elevators proper conformance with code.

Fire Fighter’s Service

All elevators that have fire service shall be subject to monthly testing of Phase I recall and a minimum of one-floor operation of Phase II to assure the system is being properly maintained of which a written record shall be kept on the premises. Annually the system shall be fully tested by utilizing the actual initiating means of fire service recall under fire or other emergency conditions and documented accordingly.

Pressure Relief Settings (Hydraulic Elevators)

All hydraulic elevators shall be tested annually to assure that the system successfully bypasses the full output of the pump prior to exceeding 150% of its full load working pressure. Full load working pressure should be visibly recorded as to assure the proper settings of the relief valve and if not it should be established accordingly. Additionally the cylinders integrity shall be inspected by observing the car position for a period not less than 15 min. for and changes in car position that cannot be accounted for accordingly.

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